Somewhere around hour #28 of dissertation research, I began looking for the answer to this question:

Anyone know a resource where someone has documented a timeline of math technologies for teaching or math innovations (pedagogical) that have been introduced?

Today (at hour #53) I stumbled across a possible answer to this question. Yes, there is a book (with a 2008 copyright) that outlines tools of American Mathematics Teaching.  I’ve got it ordered, so I can’t review it yet, but for those of you intrigued about technologies (computer-based and other) I thought I would at least pass along the resource!

toolsamericanmathteachingIn Tools of American Mathematics Teaching, 1800–2000, Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, Amy Ackerberg—Hastings, and David Lindsay Roberts present the first systematic historical study of the objects used in the American mathematics classroom. They discuss broad tools of presentation and pedagogy (not only blackboards and textbooks, but early twentieth—century standardized tests, teaching machines, and the overhead projector), tools for calculation, and tools for representation and measurement. Engaging and accessible, this volume tells the stories of how specific objects such as protractors, geometric models, slide rules, electronic calculators, and computers came to be used in classrooms, and how some disappeared.

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