This week I have been participating in the MAA PREP course, Calculus: Online and Interactive. I was asked to give a presentation on online course design for mathematics, and the presentation was recorded.

This is a loooooong one (two hours), but it is packed with information, ideas, and design tips.  If you’re going to teach online for the first time, or just want some guidance for revamping your online math course, I think you’ll find it helpful.

There are nine parts to the presentation:

  1. Virtual Classroom (overall course design)
  2. Interactive Learning Materials
  3. Video Lessons
  4. Online Homework
  5. Blended Environment
  6. Student Engagement
  7. Equations and Graphs
  8. Orientation and Setup
  9. The Math Testing Issue


You can view the slides below or here.

To watch the whole presentation, go here to the Adobe Connect recorded webinar.

There are also two mindmaps that you might want to investigate that are mentioned in this presentation:

You may also be interested in the online Calculus textbook, Calculus: Modeling and Application, 2nd edition, which may be used free for the next academic school year (supported by an NSF grant).

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