Someone asked me to share good websites for “Online Readiness” surveys for online or distance learning. Here are some of the good ones that I’ve run across.

Georgia SORT (this whole platform/survey is truly exceptional)

Michigan VLC “Is Online Learning Right for Me?”

Trident Technical College Online Readiness Survey (short & sweet)

Cerro Coso College “Are you ready to learn online?”

There are many “Learning Readiness Modules” for online classes in general, but it seems that we need to begin thinking about creating a learning readiness module for online/hybrid math in particular. Here is some more math-specific info about online learning readiness …

Suffolk University Distance Calculus “Is Distance Calculus For You?” This one is not a survey, but has some interesting predictive attitudes about being a successful distance math student)

Linn Benton College This one has advice from past students, which was an interesting read … it might be good to do this at all of our schools and for different level classes.

Does your school have a good online readiness survey or a good survey for online math readiness? Please comment it in to this post!

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