6x6 game board with game cards and some spaces claimed by players

The primary goal of the “Block Games” is to reinforce students’ understanding of various mathematical concepts and to encourage them to think critically about these concepts. In this case the basic exponent rules: Multiplication Exponent Rules, Division Exponent Rules, and Power Exponent Rules Rules. The game also emphasizes the importance of precision in mathematics, both in the spoken language and the written accuracy.

6x6 game Exponent Rules Block board with game cards and some spaces claimed by players

Game Play

Exponent Block can be played by 2 or 3 students on a 6×6 game board. Students take turns trying to claim a space on the board to get 4 tokens in a row.¬† To claim a spot, the player must be able to correctly simplify an algebraic expression involving exponent rules on the space. The rules, while simple, make the game’s progression intricate enough to keep the players constantly engaged and alert.

The Exponent Rules Block Game is also adaptable to 3 players. The dynamic of gameplay changes significantly when a third player is introduced, creating an entirely different gaming experience.

Classroom Experience

Observing students immerse themselves in this game has been the most entertaining experience I’ve had in a math class. The competition quickly heats up, and the students realize the importance of mastering exponent rules. Even a minor error¬† can lead to losing the game. This competitive spirit soon led to intergroup matches, with winners challenging other winners.

The game not only tests mathematical skills but also strategic gameplay, leading to a lively atmosphere filled with light-hearted banter and psychological tactics. In one instance, it was heartening to see how the game helped an ESL student improve his mathematical terminology. His peers insisted on correct language, resulting in a significant improvement in his mathematical communication skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Simplify algebraic expressions using basic exponent rules (multiplication, division, and power rules).
  • Discuss mistakes and help other students with exponent rules.

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Per students’ feedback, extra cards are included to be incorporated into the game board to ensure a constant influx of new problems, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

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