Alignment to Utah CTE Business Management

I use the OpenStax Introduction to Business free digital textbook to teach Utah’s CTE Business Management Course. This Intro to Business chapter covers the following strands and standards of that course:

STRAND 7: Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Legal Regulations
Students will understand and identify ethics, social responsibility, and legal aspects that regulate business.

Standard 1: Explain the overall nature of corporate social responsibility.
– Philanthropy
– Human Rights
– Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Understand the effect of a business code of ethics.

Standard 2: Describe how employee rights affect the workplace:
– Child Labor
– Right-to-privacy
– Sexual Harassment
– Whistle Blowing

What are Guided Notes?

Guided notes are a structured note-taking organizer to help students read text. Students are asked to define important terms and answer key questions. I allow students to use any handwritten guided notes on exams. This gives students an incentive to engage with the readings and helps students learn good note-taking skills.

Ch 2 Table of Contents

Ch 2: Making Ethical Decisions and Managing a Socially Responsible Business

2.1 Understanding Business Ethics

2.2 How Organizations Influence Ethical Conduct

2.3 Managing a Socially Responsible Business

2.4 Responsibilities to Stakeholders

2.5 Achieving Macroeconomic Goals


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