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Great for First Week of Classes!

I’ve written before about how each of us is just a spaceship carrying around our most valuable possession, our brain. This year I created an activity so that I (the “fleet commander”) can  learn as much as I can about each of my new fleet of “spaceships” (all the students that have just popped into the space around me).

I have learned so many valuable things about the unique personalities and brains of my students doing the My Spaceship activity! This activity asks them to tell you more than just their hobbies and interests – you also explore how their brains are different.

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The Central Computers

It’s especially interesting to hear how students describe their “central computers” – and it gives me insights into how to better help the kiddos on IEPs and 504s. For example, one of my students wrote “My brain wants to talk ALL the time” which helped me to understand that I could help him by making sure he had a seat partner every day (but a different one each day).

This packet includes 2 pages of teacher directions to successfully conduct the activity and 3 different spaceship handouts. I’ve used this successfully with students as young as 6th grade and as old as 12th grade. But I also think you could use it as a Team-building activity for adults and you’d learn a lot about each other.

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