The marketing function of describing a product using features and benefits is a critical aspect of communicating the value proposition to potential customers. By clearly outlining the features – the characteristics or elements that make up the product – and the benefits – the advantages or positive outcomes the customer can expect – marketers can effectively showcase how the product addresses the customer’s needs or solves a problem. This approach not only helps the customer understand the product’s functionality but also evokes an emotional connection by demonstrating how the product can enhance their life or work. By creating a compelling narrative around the features and benefits, marketers can differentiate their offering from competitors and ultimately drive consumer interest, engagement, and ultimately, sales.


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• Identify tangible and measurable aspects of a product or service as attributes or features.
• Explain the value or advantage provided by a product or service as a benefit.
• Create a list of attributes/features and benefits for a given product or service.

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Strand 5 Product Service Management

• Students will understand the concept of Product Service Management: the strategies used to create, maintain, improve, and add to a product and service mix.

Standard 1

• Explain the role of product/service management as a marketing function [list benefits and features of a product]
• Explore emerging products in the digital space.
• Understand that successful products need to fill a need and or solve a problem [list benefits and features of a product].