Preview of cover for Expressions and Exponents Block Game

Once students learn exponent rules, they suddenly start trying to apply them to algebraic expressions with addition and subtraction. In this fun game-based activity, students work together to practice their skills with simplifying expressions AND applying exponent rules correctly. This is an excellent review game for precalculus skills. Personally, I’m using it at the beginning of Calculus, but it would be very appropriate for an end-of-unit review on Exponent Rules too!


• Game-based learning
• Reusable game board and player cards – just print cards for different topics
• Great for students who are ahead or for students who need extra help after school

Basic Gameplay of Expressions and Exponents Block

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  1. Place all the game cards on the gameboard.
  2. The goal is to claim four spaces in a row, column, or diagonal.
  3. Players always take turns.  To claim a spot on the board the player has to answer the question on the card (or simplify), and then checks the answer on the back. 
    1. If they are correct, they get to stake a claim on the space. Now it is the turn of the other (or next) player.
    2. If they are incorrect, their opponent (or next player) gets to claim the space. It is now the turn of the opponent (or next player).
  4. The goal is to place four player cards on the board in a row, column, or on a diagonal.

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Preview of cover for Expressions and Exponents Block Game

Learning Objectives

• Simplify algebraic expressions using exponent rules (including negative exponents).
• Simplify algebraic expressions using simplification of like terms.
• Simplify simple rational expressions with algebraic terms.
• Discuss mistakes and help other students with exponent rules.

For a Block Game with easier exponent rules, take a look at Exponent Block Game. There is also games to specifically help your students practice Rational Exponents. All use the same gameboards and player markers. All you have to do is cut out new card sets.

For guidance about organizing all your Math Activities Block Games, see my post about how I organize all my gamepieces and card sorts.